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Child Malnutrition: Statement on Inaccurate Figures by Cambridge University Hospitals Trust

by Susan van de Ven on 24 July, 2020

I’ve removed an earlier post on child malnutrition in Cambridgeshire, which had been prompted by a report I’d read in The Guardian that quoted an astonishing rate of children suffering malnutrition admitted to hospital at the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

It’s now clear that those figures were overwhelmingly incorrect, and CUH has published a clear statement on the correct figures:

“Figures reported in some national and local media on the number of children admitted to hospital with malnutrition at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are inaccurate.

“The correct number of young patients admitted between January 2015 and January 2020 is 33, and not 915 as has been reported. This has understandably caused considerable concern to many.

“We fully recognise that malnutrition in children is an important public health issue that should be subject to public scrutiny and open debate, but it is equally important that this takes place on the basis of the correct facts.”

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