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by Susan van de Ven on 30 January, 2020


Celebrating decades of building peace, prosperity and collaboration across Europe.

I’ve been a proud citizen of the European Union for 16 years, since the day I became a proud Brit.

I moved to Cambridge in 1988, as a US citizen married to a Dutch citizen and able to live and work here on the basis of being the spouse of an EU citizen. We have loved living in the villages and becoming part of our community. I promise we didn’t slouch around or sponge off the state. Our kids were born here and our EU passports have held our extended family together.

Like lots of Europeans my parents-in-law were deeply affected by the Second World War, for the rest of their lives.

Lebanon, where I was born, has had more of its share of bombs and bullets, so please understand how much collaboration for peace means to me.

While I’m heartbroken at the UK’s departure from the EU tomorrow, I’ve realized that no one can dictate identity and aspirations.

Ode to Joy!…

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