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Do you walk to Bassingbourn from the Barracks or Cambridge Crescent?

by Susan van de Ven on 2 April, 2019

If you live at or in the vicinity of Cambridge Crescent or Bassingbourn Barracks and are concerned about the safety of the ‘walk to school’ route along the fast moving A1198, which has been deemed ‘safe’ by the County Council, please feel free to come along tomorrow 8:45AM, Wednesday April 3rd for a brief get-together on site:

We’ll be meeting in Kneesworth just north of the mini roundabouts, at the point illustrated in this photo – which was provided by one of the mums living at the Barracks who braves the narrow path along the fast moving A1198 and then has to nip into the road where the path can no longer accommodate her pushchair. She has four small children. We are all told that we need to get out and walk more, but it’s not always so simple!

There are obviously lots of safety issues for people in Kneesworth who are getting round other than by car. The idea tomorrow is to focus on the walk by children to school and into Bassingbourn Village centre.

It may be raining but we’ll meet regardless! If you can’t come along but want to add your concerns to the discussion, please contact me by email:

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