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Whaddon report

Whaddon Parish Council 11 April 2018

County Councillor Report

  1. From May 20, entirely new timetables will be introduced at our local rail stations, as part of the Thameslink roll-out. We’ll also have 8-car trains, alleviating the severe overcrowding that is now standard at peak time.  All current information is posted on the Rail User Group website:


  1. An electronic Oyster-card type card is being rolled out by Great Northern, which I’ve not yet used but will bring you more information on.


  1. Royston and District Community Transport are urgently recruiting volunteer minibus drivers – please contact them if you can help.


  1. Bus User Group meeting: 18 April, 7:30PM, Meldreth Elin Way Community Room. All welcome.


  1. Pot holes: As you will know, pot holes need to meet statutory intervention levels before they can be treated. At the 20 March full council meeting I supported a motion to take strategic initiative in augmenting funding to deal with highways maintenance, ass the current situation is ‘managed decline.’  To the surprise of many, the chairman of the Highways Committee insisted tat the current state of our roads is simply a bit of end-of-winter nuisance and that Cambs is the leader in the East of England in dealing with highways asset maintenance.  Our officers do a tremendous job in difficult circumstances but don’t have the resources to do what’s necessary to reverse this situation. The motion was lost.


  1. I’m concerned about the way in which the County Council Estates are being sold off to a new commercial development company the council has set up – there is a lack of transparency and accountability with the new company, called This Land. I will report more on this in the annual meeting.