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Meldreth Road Level Crossing – are full barriers needed?

by Susan van de Ven on 16 March, 2021

Cambridge Resignaling Project

Network Rail is consulting on upgrading Meldreth Rd, Shepreth, level crossing to a full barrier, which would bring a long waiting time, similar to that at Shepreth Station, and in turn significantly impact traffic flows.

While the Shepreth Station full barrier system was installed largely in response to a serious trespassing problem there, relating to people rushing to catch their trains, there is no such problem at Meldreth Road.

On the contrary, the Meldreth Road crossing seems to be respected and the Rail User Group has never been made aware of any ‘trespassing’ problem there. Indeed, the introduction of a full barrier could introduce a trespassing problem.

We’ve have been told it will be very hard to prevent the upgrade from happening, but feel the proposal needs to be looked at very carefully, because risk is calculated according to narrow criteria relating to rail not highway.…/cambridge-resignalling/

Consultation closes April 11.


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  1. Roger Faires says:

    I’ve not seen anyone chance the meldreth road crossing as everyone knows it is quick. i have however seen people chance the “upgraded” shepreth crossing. This will be a bad move and just create more pain and annoyance for those walking/driving/cycling along the road. The fundamental issues of the shepreth crossing needs to be fixed before this is installed. Further to that if they must install it they need to provide a waiting area for walkers on the Meldreth side. Once the traffic is released it can be a bit of a tight squeeze that is dangerous for walkers.

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