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Meldreth Friends

by Susan van de Ven on 17 September, 2020

Here’s the latest from Meldreth Coronavirus Community Support

Meldreth Coronavirus Community Support – Yes we’re still here!

Meldreth Friends

Out of lockdown and into an uncertain new season, we’d like to find as many ways as possible of supporting those who are isolated or might be finding it hard to get out. Lots of new friendships have been created during lockdown through the village volunteer scheme, and it would be lovely to keep new friendships going.

Meldreth Walking Friends

Village residents who previously put themselves forwards as volunteers for the Meldreth Coronavirus Community Support group are currently exploring the idea of organising an informal village walking group. This would involve groups of no more than 6 people meeting once every fortnight or so for a gentle wander, some fresh air, and a friendly chat. If you would like to join, or possibly even volunteer to lead a walk around the village, please contact Paul Inman on 07976 256121.

Meldreth Driving Friends

Offering lifts to the Melbourn Hub where there’s a library and lots going on in an exemplary Covid-sensitive environment, and perhaps also to the Melbourn garden centres, for Meldreth residents who don’t have a car of their own and would find it difficult to walk or cycle. Would anyone be interested in helping out? This could be as little as a volunteer might have time for – once a week or whatever suits, to drop off and collect a bit later.We’ve spoken to Royston and District Community Transport who would love to help out but who’ve seen quite a drop in their volunteer driver pool, as many of their drivers are not as young as they used to be. But they do have a coordinator to help organise lifts, and oversee all the necessary admin including insurance and reimbursement to volunteers for fuel costs. They are also carefully set up with Covid protocols and protections. They would be happy to help us out with this small venture if we can find some new drivers for this very local scheme.So, if you are fit and able and have access to a four-door car, and might like to become a Meldreth Driving Friend, please contact Susan van de Ven: or 07905 325574.

Meldreth Calling Friends

Whether a chat by phone, through the kitchen window, or a garden visit with one’s own portable chair and blanket, there are various ways to keep in contact with our village neighbours in the coming season. If you’d like to take part on either side of the kitchen window, please get in touch with John Crawforth, tel 07595 627684 or

And finally…

Meldreth Food Bank continues, thanks to the generosity of Meldreth residents. Donations any time to the box outside at The Gables, 69 High St, or to use the Food Bank please ring Anne on 07592 355279 or drop by Tuesdays 10-12 or Thursdays 2-4.

Thank you,

All at the MCCS Team

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