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Coronavirus Community Basics

by Susan van de Ven on 19 March, 2020

1. DO NOT call your GP or the NHS 111 if you think you have basic and manageable Coronavirus symptoms.

As counter-intuitive as this might seem, this is because medical support must be cordoned off for those who absolutely require it.

Please read the advice on the NHS Coronavirus page.

2. DO wash your hands and protect yourself according to NHS Coronavirus advice.

Again, please read advice on the NHS Coronavirus page.

3. New villages support groups: Every village in the division I represent is doing some type of community support organizing for people who are vulnerable, isolated or concerned.

This is quite an undertaking, and things like money management and safeguarding protections need to be carefully sorted. As soon as details are in place for individual groups, I will post links to information.

For now, please feel free to contact me any time if you

* Need help
* Can give help

All district and county councillors are receiving advice and guidance from their councils and the Local Government Association about civil contingency planning, and this is being constantly updated.

Thank you, and please keep yourself and others safe., Tel 07905325574

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