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To Parliament Square, demanding accountable Parliamentary democracy

by Susan van de Ven on 5 September, 2019

Yesterday together with old and new friends from the villages, Cambridge, Ely and Royston, I travelled by train to Parliament Square – angered by the contempt for democracy shown by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Leader of the House Jacob Rees Mogg, et al.

Our group travelled under the banner of the group Cambridge Stays. If you care about collaboration and cooperation for a positive outcome on the Brexit crisis, do look them up. This is an all-party and none group of people ‘committed to keeping the Greater Cambridge area as closely connected to Europe as possible.’

We picked up passers-by as we walked from Leicester Square tube station to Parliament Square. Some people had never taken part in a demonstration before.

Our mission was to demonstrate support for the right of our MPs to represent us, The People, in Parliament, in the wake of Boris Johnson’s outrageous decision to suspend Parliament – simply in order to secure his No Deal Brexit, in spite of the immense harm this would cause to the country and to individual human beings. Here we are:

L-R standing up – Martin Cahn (Lib Dem Cllr), Paul Browne (Coordinator, Cambridge Stays), Heidi Allen (Independent MP, South Cambs), me (Lib Dem Cllr), Daniel Zeichner (Labour MP, Cambridge), Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem Cllr and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge).

If you’d like to help out with this effort in any of the villages I represent, please get in touch.

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