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Melbourn Greenway and Bridge to Royston: 1000 responses needed!

by Susan van de Ven on 25 June, 2019

Consultation has opened for the Melbourn Greenway scheme, one of a dozen Greater Cambridge Partnership schemes for active travel corridors radiating out from Cambridge to key market towns and villages – including the A10 to Royston.

The Melbourn Greenway extends from Trumpington Road, Cambridge, to Royston.

The route encompasses key employment centres, such as Cambridge University and Biomedical Campus, Harston’s Sagentia and Oaklands Innovation sites, Melbourn Science Park, and Melbourn and Royston Industrial sites – the latter including Johnson Matthey, whose workforce travels in from places like Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire villages.

The A10 corridor between Royston and Cambridge is ideally suited for active travel, and in particular for travel to work by bike. There are so many work destinations along the route.

Crucially, the Melbourn Greenway provides a path and bridge link between Melbourn and Royston, along the A10 and over the A505.

It also offers a Harston cycle bypass and improvements to key junctions, which would enhance the safety and appeal of the overall route.

The A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign is aiming for 1000 consultation responses. If you care about the route, please make sure you respond, and encourage a dozen of your friends, family or work colleagues to do the same.

Melbourn Village College student Sambor Czarnawski said, “I travel from Royston to Melbourn every day for college. It’s only two miles, but I can’t get there except by bus, as it’s too dangerous to cross the main roads. I’d go on my own by bike if I could.”

Royston Town Councillor Tom Perry, who works in Cambridge, will be running a Royston Market stall this Saturday 28 June, to get the word out and distribute Melbourn Greenway consultation forms to local people.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership will be holding Melbourn Greenway drop-in consultation events at the Melbourn Hub on July 11, 6:30-8:30, and Harston Village Hall on July 25, 6:00-8:00PM.

To respond to the consultation electronically, the link is here.

The A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign has produced a guide to filling out the consultation form – see here…/melbourn-royston-cycle-brid…/

Please note – These ‘non-motorized user paths’ are not just for walkers and cyclists, but also for equestrian use, mobility scooters and wheelchair users, roller bladers, and anyone moving along other than by motorized vehicle.

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