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Bus Users Unite!

by Susan van de Ven on 30 January, 2019

Stretching from Melbourn to the Mordens, users of the 127 and Busway A services met up on a cold January night to take stock of the Mayor’s Bus Review, published just hours beforehand.

Our members who’d managed to read the report were pleased that it acknowledges in detail the predicament of isolated Cambridgeshire communities trying to get by on bare minimum services (if they’re lucky). The Cam Vale Bus Users, together with the Cambridge Area Bus Users, both participated in the consultation process.

You can read the report here

The challenge is designing something new and transformative – something that will require significant time and financial investment, at this point both unknowns.

Meanwhile, the immediate question for 127 bus users is whether subsidies upon which the service depends will be in place from April 2019, the start of the new financial year. This is complicated, with the Mayor as Transport Authority and funds until now coming from the County Council, which is still making cuts. Things should be clearer after the County’s budget meeting next week; fingers crossed funds can be cobbled together.

As for the only commercial service in this wide area, the Guided Busway A connecting Royston, Melbourn, Shepreth, Foxton, Harston, Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge Station, Cambridge Regional College and St Ives – there were two messages from our users:

1) If you’re lucky enough to access Busway A, it’s a brilliant connection to Addenbrooke’s – alight at Royston or from Melbourn, directly across the road from the High Street car park.

2) Use it or lose it!!

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