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Welcome to Meldreth Station

by Susan van de Ven on 9 July, 2017

The Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Rail User Group was delighted to learn at its most recent meeting that a new full-time member of staff is taking over the reins at Meldreth Station booking office. We would like to thank Andrea, who has been working part-time to keep the service going since the retirement of our beloved station master David Piggott, and took Meldreth Station to heart. Our new station master Bernie Pearsons is local to the area – living in Royston with a sister in Meldreth. Bearing in mind that David lived in Melbourn with a sister in Royston, this bodes very well for the future. Welcome Bernie!

We had specifically asked Govia Thameslink to recruit from the local area, and are very pleased that they did. We hope now that we have a full-time member of staff, there will be no further random closures of the booking office.

In addition, we were pleased to learn that Meldreth Station will have staff on the platform every night time to despatch trains – this because drivers don’t have full view of the platforms via cameras as they do at most stations.

Finally, many thanks to all our station gardeners for the beautiful flower displays on both platforms. We’re lucky to have another Duke of Edinburgh volunteer, MVC Alex from Whaddon, watering the pots twice a week. Keeping the garden takes year-round dedication and makes a big difference to the feel of the station. We’re also lucky to have a dedicated group of local residents who attend meetings and keep the rail industry on their toes with questions and challenges.

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